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Sara Ryan

13 November
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  • sararyan@livejournal.com
Hi, LJ! I'm Sara Ryan, author of the YA novels Empress of the World, The Rules for Hearts (both published by Viking), the graphic novel Bad Houses (forthcoming from DC Vertigo with art by Carla Speed McNeil), and various short comics. I am represented by Barry Goldblatt of Barry Goldblatt Literary.

abandoned buildings, algonquin round table, alison bechdel, art history, art nouveau, avoiding appropriation, being queer, berne switzerland, bibliomancy, biking, bitch magazine, bosch, brueghel, cabinet magazine, cabinets of curiosities, circus, clarion, collections, comics, computer-mediated communication, documentaries, dorothy parker, e.b. white, edwardians, ephemera, espionage, estate sales, ethnography, fantasy, fashion for nerds, feminism, fluevogs, found objects, graphic novels, hermenauts, history of technology, horror vacui, interstitial, io9, james thurber, joseph cornell, kidlit, l.m. montgomery, laser pointers for cats, laurie colwin, lewis hyde, libraries, librarything, lifting weights, lynda barry, medieval studies, museum of jurassic technology, mythology, nerd culture, nerd glasses, old group photos, oral history, outsider art, patrick o'brian, pattern recognition, periscope studio, photography, pilates, plundering the dead, pogo, portland, publishing, racialicious, ricky jay, robertson davies, saintly intensity, science fiction, scrivener, shapely prose, significant objects, slings and arrows, social history, soy lattes, staying up late, street art, street fashion, stumptown coffee, stumptown comics fest, teen books, teen literature, the decoration of houses, the lion in winter, the mountain goats, the wire, theater, thrift stores, tim seibles, tove jansson, tradecraft, transracialwritingforthesincere, treme, urban decay, urban exploration, ursula nordstrom, used book stores, veda hille, vintage clothing, violin, virtual worlds, writing, ya, ya literature, yalsa, yoga, young adult fiction, young adult literature, zines